Application Development and Implementation

L&P Global Connexions has expertise to develop applications in many major programming languages and all integrated development environments (IDEs). Our experts are “handpicked” trained individuals who understand the concept of application development and not just “factory style coders”.

L&P Global Connexions appreciates vendor implementations as well as bespoke development:

Bespoke Development - We are equipped to build web-based applications, mobile applications, portal applications and enterprise applications. We have experts in multitude of languages such as Java, C++, .NET (VB, C#) to name a few.

Vendor Implementations – L&P Global Connexions understands that many organisations would prefer an “off the shelf” solution rather than engage in a full bespoke development project.

L&P Global Connexions also understands that organisations do not want to become “beta” sites for vendors. Our expertise can minimise the risk of this by assisting your organisation in choosing the right product and assisting you in implementing the product. Our experts ensure that key client resource work alongside them every step of the way thus minimising time and cost of any issues post implementation.

We have worked alongside many different vendors Microsoft, Salesforce, CADIS EDM, Charles River (IMS), SAP, Murex, Oracle to name a few.

We want your IT solution to “mould around your business and not your business mould around the solution”.