About Us

In April 2010 Perfect Creations Limited (est. 2004), a UK based IT consultancy merged its UK and Indian operations with Growth Solution (est. 2008), an Indian based recruitment and IT consultancy company. After a successful merger and a thorough re-branding exercise L&P Global Connexions Limited was born.

L&P Global Connexions is a fast growing Global IT Consulting and Software Development Company. L&P Global Connexions was set up to provide managed end to end outsourcing solutions for UK and US based organisations. L&P Global Connexions’ headquarters is based in the UK, with offices in San Francisco, and Bangalore in India, where the technical operations are managed by UK professionals.


All projects are managed by UK/US experienced, qualified professionals who have extensive project management expertise.  
Our aim is delivering high quality solution in a neat and professional manner. 

Our Bangalore based management team, of UK origin have over 25 years experience working in the UK in the fields of finance, project management and IT support, fully understand both the Indian and the western working cultures.

Our Mission

L&P Global Connexions strives to help organisations by professionally delivering high quality services and solutions...on time so our clients focus on their business, unlock their potential and achieve any strategic goals.